• Lesotho Shepherd Ministry

    The village of Ha Mapelle in Lesotho is literally at the end of the road (well, it’s not really much of a road, more like a... read more

  • Vanga Hospital: Masha’s Story

    While we were staying in Kikongo, MAF was able to provide a medical evacuation flight for Masha, a girl with a severe infection on her leg.... read more

  • Kotiak Bible Translation

    The village of Kotiak in Papua, Indonesia was one of our favorite places to visit in MAF’s floatplane. We flew in to spend some time with... read more

  • Rebuilding in Nepal

    We had the opportunity to visit Nepal one year after a devastating earthquake shook the country. It was incredible to see how MAF is facilitating helicopter... read more

  • NNU Team in Jeremie

    While in Haiti, we had the opportunity to fly along with a mission team from our alma mater, Northwest Nazarene University. We had a blast hanging... read more

  • Lesotho Flying Pastors in Kuebunyane

    We had the opportunity to spend two weekends in the remote mountain village of Kuebunyane, Lesotho. There’s no road or cars in sight, only horses, donkeys... read more

  • Nepal: 1 Year After the Earthquake

    One year ago today, a massive earthquake ripped through the mountains of Nepal, killing thousands and leaving many more thousands without access to shelter, food, and... read more

  • Full Video: Baptist University of Congo

    We posted a short video few months ago about the inauguration celebration for a new university in Kikongo. Here’s the full story video, featuring Glen and... read more

  • Esrotnamba: To Every Tribe

    Last year, we wrote about our visit to Esrotnamba: The Most Remote Place. We finally finished the video to show the work that MAF and Baliem... read more

  • OE 2015: Kosarek

    Outdoor Education is the highlight of the year for international high school students in Papua. Every year, a group of students and teachers travel to a... read more

  • ICAO Day Fun Flights

    Once a year, MAF hosts a big party at the airport in Lesotho to celebrate International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Day. This year, over 300 kids... read more

  • Maud Kells Return to Mulita

    I had the privilege of flying with Maud Kells on her first trip back to Mulita after being shot. She’s an amazing woman, and it was... read more

  • Muzinga Medevac in Shamwana

    A couple weeks ago, MAF pilot Nate Birkemo did a medical evacuation flight for a young boy named Muzinga who had broken his leg playing soccer.... read more

  • A New University in Kikongo

    A couple weeks ago, we had the chance to attend the inauguration ceremony for the Baptist University of Congo. It was an exciting day, with the... read more

  • Jungle Trek

    In the Krayan highlands of Kalimantan, a short flight with Mission Aviation Fellowship can save hours or days of walking through dense jungle. We wanted to... read more

  • Ladies Flight in Long Sule

    On a recent flight to the small village of Long Sule, MAF pilot Steve Persenaire told me a little bit about the people who live there.... read more

  • Chandra’s Story: Rumah Singgah

    Chandra, a 13-year-old boy from the village of Long Sule in North Kalimantan, was climbing in a coconut tree when he fell 50 feet and shattered... read more

  • Bakar Batu

    In the interior villages of Papua, Indonesia, no holiday or special occasion would be complete without the traditional Bakar Batu feast. The entire community comes together... read more

  • Mika’s Story: Medical Evacuation in Mokndoma

    Mika, a six-year-old boy from the highland village of Mokndoma in Papua, Indonesia, fell from a tree while climbing with his friends. He landed on a... read more

  • Liku and Dugwiru in Iratoi

    Liku and Dugwiru, two Bible teachers from the highland village of Mokndoma in Papua, Indonesia, traveled to the lowland village of Iratoi to teach fellow members... read more

  • A New Airstrip in Mokndoma

    As we circled over the Wano village of Mokndoma in a small Kodiak, I suddenly felt my heart rate increase and my breathing pick up a... read more

  • Hupla Bible Dedication

    My first Bible was a Precious Moments Bible that my parents were given when I was born. I can remember flipping through pages, looking at the... read more

  • Yubenus’ Story

    Yubenus is a Bible school student living in the highland village of Mamit in Papua, Indonesia. Far from any hospital, a painful foot injury left him... read more

  • A Day with PK-MEA

    Ever wonder what a day in the life of an MAF plane is like? We made this time-lapse video showing a full day of flying in... read more

  • Generations Documentary

    Earlier this year, we visited the Waodani communities of Tiwaeno and Tzapino with Gilberto Nenquimo. Gilberto is a grandson of Mincaye, one of the members of... read more

  • Training Pastors in El Salvador

    About a month ago, we had the chance to visit El Salvador with MAF’s EduTech Mission team from Costa Rica. They helped lead a conference for... read more

  • La Carpio Learning Center

    We had the privilege of spending a Saturday morning with our good friend Brendan Blowers at a youth center in San Jose, Costa Rica. Located in... read more

  • Lucas’ Story: Snakebite

    We met Lucas in the village of Jandiayaku, Ecuador. A few years ago, he was bitten by a venomous snake while playing with his friends in... read more

  • Clean Water Project in Wayusentza

    It’s pretty easy to see why the clean water movement, along with the number of water-focused non-profits, has exploded in recent years. Many people around the... read more

  • One Body, Many Parts

    We made this video about partnerships after a recent trip to the village of Wentado. This blog was originally posted on MAF’s blog. Paul writes in... read more