Clean Water Project in Wayusentza

It’s pretty easy to see why the clean water movement, along with the number of water-focused non-profits, has exploded in recent years. Many people around the world spend hours walking each day to find water for their families. Health problems and deadly diseases can be traced back to poor drinking water. And as a plus, photos of kids playing in crystal clear water are marketing gold for
non-profits 🙂

In the jungles of Ecuador, there are many rivers and streams near where people live but that water is usually contaminated. Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global), a Christian mission organization, partners with ADSE to develop clean water projects in jungle communities. These projects are very community-driven; the village itself must first ask for this project before Reach Beyond will consider starting work there. Their goal is for the village to take ownership of the project since the community will end up doing much of the work.

I spent some time recently in the village of Wayusentza with a Reach Beyond team working with the village on one of these projects. It was so cool to see the community and the team at work to bring clean water! Check out the video above to learn more about the project and the partnership between Reach Beyond and ADSE.