We Made it to Ecuador!

Our trip to Ecuador was mostly uneventful (three of our four carry-on bags were inspected in Boise because of our ridiculous amount of camera gear) and arrived in the capital city of Quito on Friday night.

Quito overlook
Quito sits in a valley surrounded by volcanoes and is the second highest capital city at about 10,000 feet elevation. We stayed in the ADSE apartment Friday night and set out for Shell Saturday morning with Dan Whitehead, MAF’s Regional Director for Latin America.

Every village we drove through seems to be known for something, and shop after shop in each town is dedicated to that speciality. There is a village known for its jeans, one for taffy, another for it’s chugchucaras (fried potatoes, plantains, emanadas, pork, hominy and even a little popcorn) and one for homemade layer ice-cream bars. We had fun trying some local cuisine!



We arrived in Shell Saturday afternoon and were introduced to our new home, the historic Nate Saint House. The bottom part is a little museum and we’ll be living in an upstairs apartment. You can read more about the history of Nate Saint and the house here.

Nate Saint House

We are so thankful for the chance to live in this beautiful house surrounded by such history. We are even excited to live close to these spider friends!


Thank you all for your prayers and support along our journey. We are excited to share more about MAF’s ministry soon and our first flights into the jungle. Stay tuned!